The Nigerian Lawsmyth is a Legal knowledge base, for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. We are a legal resource platform, with a job portal incorporated in our website to promote not only legal job vacancies, but vacancies that cut across all other industries in Nigeria.  We render services to Lawyers, such as:

-Connecting Lawyers to clients

-Getting resources and articles, as well as books, surveys and questions that can help Lawyers in their daily proceeding

-Celebrating young and already established lawyers in our “Lawyer of the week” and  “Lawyer of the Month” campaigns

The Nigerian Lawsmyth is also particular about helping young lawyers get jobs, patronage and increase their client base, as it is not always easy to break into the market as young Lawyers. We run a directory that helps clients know the kinds of cases they have, as well as the best lawyers to handle those cases.

The Nigerian Lawsmyth is a place to engage and promote the legal profession.